About Us

Founder’s Mission:

Hi, We are the Co-Founders of Directed Energy! I am Philip Lubin, a professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara and I am Travis Brashears, Engineering Physics student at the University of California, Berkeley.

For the past seven years, we have been working with directed energy systems and their applications to space exploration. We are so optimistic about the future of directed energy for non-traditional applications that we started a company outside of our university-research environment to continue to explore the applications of directed energy systems. This company is Directed Energy LLC.


Philip Lubin


  • University of California at Berkeley A.B. 1975 (Physics and Mathematics)
  • Harvard University, Cambridge, 1975-76 (Physics)
  • University of California at Berkeley Ph.D. 1976-80 (Physics)


Philip Lubin is a professor of Physics at UC Santa Barbara whose primary research has been focused on studies of the early universe in the millimeter wavelengths bands as well as applications of directed energy for planetary defense and relativistic propulsion. His group has designed, developed and fielded more than two dozen ground based and balloon borne missions and helped develop two major cosmology satellites. His group has worked on applications of directed energy systems for both small scale single launcher solutions as well as large standoff systems for planetary defense and on applications to allow small interstellar probes. He is co-recipient of the 2006 Gruber Prize in Cosmology along with the COBE science team for their groundbreaking work in cosmology. He has published more than 300 scientific papers.

Travis Brashears


My name is Travis Brashears. I am an Engineering Physics and Pre-Business double major at UC Berkeley. I have done two years of research on directed energy applications at UC Santa Barbara. I have published two papers as first author in this area and also have devised one of the first “spacecraft on a chip” in my third paper. I am now pursuing innovations in space technologies at Space Technologies at Cal while at UC Berkeley.

jonathan Madajian
Design Engineer


I am an electrical engineering student at the University of California, Santa Barbara. At UCSB, in addition to all of my classes (which I love), my favorite project has been researching the effects and applications of a proposed space laser (DE­STAR.com). As a videographer, I have a passion for both the technical and storytelling aspects of filmmaking.

Blake Regalia
Computer Engineer


I studied Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara where I seized opportunities to collaborate with researchers in the Physics, Geography and Computer Science domains as an undergraduate. I have dedicated most of my academic time to research projects in the pursuit of innovation. Now a graduate student, I’m earning my Master’s degree in Geographic Information Science before continuing on to a PhD.

Patrick Knowles
Graphic Designer


I am a Pre-engineering, Physics, and Mathematics major at Spring Arbor University. Currently I am pursuing my education at Spring Arbor and work in the UCSB Experimental Cosmology lab with Phil, Travis, and Jonathan. My graphics background is from humble roots as a high schooler who just loved yearbooks. At Spring Arbor University I handle all media for the Track and Field team as well as media for many other collegiate and intramural sports on campus.